Mel's Heater Services LLC has been in the business of waste oil heaters in Lancaster PA, Chester PA, Philadelphia PA, and surrounding areas since 1990. Melvin Stoltzfus and his skilled, knowledgeable, trusted team provides high quality, top of the line commercial heating equipment and heating services. Melvin and his technicians are more than happy to install your products the same day you buy them.

Our technicians are EnergyLogic certified and will install your waste oil furnaces and heaters for a low cost. Not only do we sell and install EnergyLogic products but MacroAir Fans as well. These MacroAir Fans are great for commercial buildings and factories that have a wide range of space to cool down.

Since 1990 we have built our business on the sole belief that our customers come first. We provide our customers with high quality products, such as MacroAir Fans and Radiant Floor heating, and services they want and deserve. For further information on how Mel's Heater Services LLC can offer you cost and energy efficient products call us today at 717-768-3509.

Mel's has had the great honor of receiving many awards such as 2012 Dealer of the Year Award as well as the PME Award. For more information on the PME Award and what Melvin did to earn this please click on the here: PME Award

Advantages of choosing Waste Oil Heaters

  • 1. Little upkeep
  • 2. Cost efficiency
  • 3. Environmentally friendly
  • 4. Certified technicians
  • 5. Eliminate cradle to grave liability
  • 6. Built in air compressor

What we do

Located in the heart of Lancaster County Mel's Heater Service has been providing their clients with waste oil heating systems for over 20 years. With only hiring technicians that have been certified to install and service EnergyLogic heating systems, they make sure to meet the needs of their customers and provide them with the highest quality services.


"We purchased EnergyLogic heater for two of our service shop locations. Both heaters exceeded my expectations. Our entire shop stays warm without any supplemental heat! And because we regularly drain tranmission oil, it solved the problem of waste oil disposal. It's a win-win solutions that saves $$$."

Deer Country Farm & Lawn, Inc
Lancaster/Allentown, PA

For more information on Mel's heater services, including Energy Logic waste oil heaters, Radiant Floor heating or MacroAir Fans, call 717-768-3509 or visit our Contact Us page.


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