Waste Oil Heaters

Mel's Heater Service, LLC is happy to provide Energy Logic waste oil heaters and waste oil boilers in Lancaster PA, Chester PA, Philadelphia PA and surrounding areas. They are environmentally friendly, cost efficient and more productive than any other heating system. Our waste oil heaters and boilers provide consistent heat throughout your shop and business while keeping your energy bill and maintenance fees at a minimum.

We offer sales, installations and all services on the commercial heating equipment we sell. Mel's Heater Services is happy to provide you high quality, top of the line products and certified skilled technicians to install your waste oil heater. Building a customer-first business from the ground up since 1990, Mel's Heater Service LLC takes pride in their products and services they sell and install.

For additional information on how to save money on heating, or to purchase one of our waste oil heaters, Radiant Floor heating or MacroAir Fans, call Mel's Heater Service today at 717-768-3509.

Please note that all tanks are optional.

Warranty Information:

-10 Years on heat exchanger

-5 Years full and 5 years prorated

-2 Years on parts*

*One year warranty standard. Second year warranty requires product registration within 30 days of product receipt.


The EL-140 H is a waste oil heater that is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and burns clean. This heater heats up your shop or building in little time and is easily installed by our EnergyLogic certified technicians. This heater has little maintenance fees and is more efficient than any other heating system.



The EL-200 H, a waste oil heater that our EnergyLogic certified and highly skilled technicians are happy to install for you. With low maintenance cost and energy efficiency you can watch you energy bill decrease. This heater burns clean providing environmentally


 EL-350 H

The EL-350 H uses waste oil to burn clean and produce energy efficient, environmentally friendly heat. We are happy to provide you highly trained technicians to install your EL-340 H product. This heater has little to no maintenance and can heat up your shop or building in a matter of minutes.


For more information on Mel's heater services, including Energy Logic waste oil heaters, Radiant Floor heating or MacroAir Fans, call 717-768-3509 or visit our Contact Us page.


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