Macro-Air Fans

Mel's Heater Service offers the MacroAir Fan in Lancaster PA, Philadelphia PA, and surrounding areas. As an energy efficient electric fan, MacroAir Fan uses six blades that generate a large amount of air, that gently flows down to the floor and outward 360 degrees. The unbelievably quiet performance of the MacroAir Fan won't create noise or distractions and the airflow won't raise dirt and dust. MacroAir Fans are durable and sustainable for factories and commercial buildings.

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 Specially Effective in Warehouses

The MacroAir Fan distributes the cool air more effectively throughout your entire warehouse saving on the amount of air conditioning you use.

MacroAir Fan in a warehouse in lancaster PA

 Extremely Effective for Dealerships

MacroAir Fans are extremely effective for dealerships and showrooms for the employees and customers comfort. In any size space, the MacroAir Fan will keep the comfort level sufficient.

MacroAir Fan Chester PA

 MacroAir Fan Advantages:

  • Reduces energy cost by 20 percent
  • Cooler environment for your workers
  • Gentle breeze
  • Reduce and control moisture
  • Reduce and control humidity
  • Reduces odor and smoke
  • Quiet
  • Adjust airflow manually using a controller

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